Hey everybody,

This is Mona. I started this blog as part of my job where i was trying to work on wordpress, but now since i am not working in that same position anymore, i am turning this into a hobby to connect with people. Hope i will turn out to be a good writer :P.

A little bit of me newly married (2012), changed job, changed places so in this new place i am trying to find where i fit in. Like my url suggest, this place would be where i can write anything that comes to my mind (hope it is mostly good). Why did i choose such a title? Well i was thinking of changing the way my life is going on and want the  change to be positive i.e the title “Hope” also it is what a part of my name means.

I am still very scared about online blogging and giving out my identity so that’s all for now more to be updated when i become confident.


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