Dishes for any festival

Here is the list of dishes that you can make for any festival


Diwali sweets list

  • kheel Batasha – sweet puffed rice with sugar drops
  • mawa kachori
  • moti pak – sweet barfi made with chickpea flour, khoya and sugar
  • chiraunji ki barfi
  • teepi gavvalu
  • anarsa – rice flour, jaggery fritters studded with poppy seeds
  • karanjis/neuris/gujjias
  • shankarpale
  • gulgule – sweet dumplings made with wheat flour
  • mohanthal
  • deepawali marundu/legiyam – a concoction made with carom seeds, poppy seeds, dry ginger, dry grapes, honey, jaggery, nuts, ghee and more
  • thenkuzhal
  • ukkarai – consists of chana dal, jaggery and roasted nuts
  • singal
  • pinni – punjabi dish loaded with dry fruits
  • lapsi rava shira
  • cholafali
  • rasabali
  • poha/fau
  • gajrela – carrot kheer
  • dumwale suran
  • choddo shaak

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